CAREIC - Chicago Area Real Estate Investors Channel
If your web site appeals to Chicago area real estate investors you can have Chicago Area Real Estate Investors Channel (CAREIC) appear within YOUR home page(s) 24/7.

Give your current and potential clients/customers reasons to return to your web site at specific times every day! Let them see YOUR message while they view.

Show this channel on your home page, but with YOUR message next to it. You can update your message as often as you wish, promote specials, and keep your call to action ready for every visitor to your site.

In addition, your sponsorship allows you to have up to 60 minutes of content EVERY DAY on this channel. This could be anywhere from 10 daily “shows” of up to six minutes each on up to one full hour every day.

Either way, you can alert your entire database along with potential clients/customers exactly when they should come to YOUR site(s).

By sponsoring CAREIC, your content will also appear on every web site which carries this channel! CAREIC Sponsorships are limited to one web site per category so that we do not feature competitors.
Among the available categories:

General Contractor
Residential Builder
Commercial Builder
Residential/Commercial Developer
Leasing Agent
Mortgage Lender
Heating/Air Conditioning
Home Improvement Retailer
Real Estate Attorney
Home Inspector
Your CAREIC Sponsorship Includes:

60 Minutes Per Day of YOUR Scheduled Content
Shown on your web site(s)
Shown on other participating and sponsoring web sites simultaneously
Separate Social Media Campaign and Promotion
Exclusivity for your category – no direct competition

$249 per month
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