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Show Your New Construction To Potential Buyers / Tenants Anywhere In The World Weeks Before Your "Ready" Date!
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 Builders / Landlords / Property Managers:

Your units or houses can be "internet ready" upon move-in. Tenants will be billed separately and have no idea that you receive a percentage each month.

Also stops them from having outside companies drilling and digging to install on your property.

We place our equipment on top of your building, and our staff handles billing and 24/7 tech support. At the same time, you provide your tenants with blazing fast internet that is always ready to go!
Chicago Area Edition
Go Solar for your building - and for your home!

Take advantage of Illinois rebates and tax breaks!

We'll do a simple video walkthrough "before, during, and after" your rehab project.

Use it to show potential buyers, lenders, and investors EXACTLY what you do and how you do it!

Also can be combined with renderings we produce.
Rehab videos can include editing, narration, and graphics. As low as $500 complete!
For your Chicago area Real Estate (or other established) Business!

Up to $250,000 available if and when you need it. No upfront cost to open, and no cost if you don't use it.

Don't lose that investment property because you couldn't get the funding soon enough. Be ready!

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Free Investor Software
Cost Segregation
Virtual Reality Tours / Renderings
Internet Service For Buildings
Market Research / Feasibility Studies
Free Investor Software
Virtual Reality Tours / Renderings
Market Research / Feasibility Studies
Internet Service For Buildings
Cost Segregation
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Rehab Videos Produced For You!
Did you know that Redfin found that Chicago-area homes with solar panels have a significantly higher median sale price ($303,500) than those without them ($195,000)?

Their research shows home values increased $3,780 for every kilowatt of solar panels. Redfin named Chicago No. 2 on its list of Midwestern cities with solar power potential.

Of more immediate importance, homeowners and businesses qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 26% of the cost of their solar panel system!

Rest assured that this is a long term strategy. Solar panels typically last about 25-30 years. And that is through Chicago winters. Even better, they may not stop producing electricity after 25 years!
Save Money! Gain Federal Tax Credit! Increase The Value Of Your Home or Commercial Building! At The Same Time!!
New Construction? Get It Sold / Rented Before It's Ready!
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Apartment / Condo
Finding solid investment properties just got easier!

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